27 Mar
2021 Flooring trends: Top 10 styles to see!

It is Springtime and how about a new look for your floors?

Remodeling your floor is not simple. With the voluminous options available in the market, you may lose track of what is needed. 

What if we provided you with the top 10 flooring styles? Not the usual 10 styles that may or may not be in the trend after 5 years.But, a set of flooring styles that shall keep you away from dialing your home renovation company for a long time.

Flooring is all about finding the right balance between creativity and durability. Using high-quality materials and finding the right contrasts are the priorities.

10 Best flooring trends you need to look for in 2021

With trends, 2021 does seem to be more on the sustainable side of things. Likewise, features like waterproof floors, lesser maintenance are high in demand.

1. Distressed looking wood flooring

Wood flooring is an all-time classic but why is it on the list of the top trends? Because the wood coupled with a distressed look has a look for the modern-day. With a bit of antique look and lots of character, this style is here to stay. 

If you are looking for elegance, this style is tailor-made for you.

2. Stone-look vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring, as a whole, is gaining popularity in the industry. It resembles the look of an original stone while still allowing for a lot of design variations. Materials like slate and quartz are commonly used by vinyl flooring installers.

The comfort levels provided by vinyl flooring is of the highest level. Also, it requires very low maintenance.

3. Neutral colored carpets

Pick a luxurious carpet for your home flooring and leave it for the next decade. This is how simple carpet flooring is. If vinyl flooring provided a lot of comforts, carpets may just be the most comfortable.

Alongside, there is a wide variety of patterns and colors to choose from. But, as a style in the 2021 flooring trends, neutral colors like beige, grey, charcoal are your best bets.

4. Ceramic tiles flooring

Versatile and durable is how ceramic tiles are known to be. Adding on, ceramic tiles need little to no maintenance. 

However, it requires a bit of extra attention during flooring installation. Ceramic tiles are available in polished or glazed and unglazed varieties. With ceramic tiles, it is more of choosing the best from the diverse options available. They are also the best at waterproof flooring alongside porcelain tiles.

5. Graphic tiles

Perhaps the most trending style in this list, graphic tiles is growing in popularity. From simple geometric patterns to heavy designs, graphic tiles are ideal for many.

The catch with graphic tiles is choosing amidst various options and matching it with the home decor. And for a secret tip, try ‘encaustic tiles’, they make heads turn.

6. Porcelain tiles

If you are looking for a single flooring style for your entire house, here is your answer. Porcelain tiles are ideal for all surfaces and spaces. From vast spaces to wet areas such as the kitchen and bathroom, porcelain tiles are the best.

They also pose a great level of durability and strength, so they can be used for a decade with no issues.

7. Marble look tiles

The marble look is an evergreen concept for home flooring. Marble has been one of the most preferred materials to build homes and floors for centuries. 

Choosing a proper material like porcelain and opting for an enticing design is your way forward.

8. Laminate flooring

A recent development in the flooring space is to use laminate flooring. The plastic subset and bulletproof topcoat ensure the durability of the laminate flooring.

An illusion of wood flooring is given with the installation of laminate flooring. Hence, if you are considering a new flooring for areas like bathroom and kitchen, laminate flooring is the best bet.

9. Matte finish flooring

The poshest style of the list is matte finish flooring. They are not the most shining or glossy type but ensure a natural appearance.

Opting for a matte finish provides an authentic experience and adds warmth to the home environment.

Matte finish needs less maintenance than a satin finish. The smoothness of a matte finish coupled with aesthetic designs can be an eye-grabber. Hence, consider matte finish for your flooring and you have a great visual.

10. Concrete flooring

Usually used for only basements, concrete flooring has come a long way. Nowadays, they are used in all parts of the house. 

They provide the durability needed while still being easy on the eye.

Opting for a matte finish with concrete flooring is a dream combination.

Concrete flooring is also inexpensive compared to most of the other styles mentioned in this list. The embedded concrete material makes the flooring fire-proof and flood-proof. 

Hence, the durability facet is never in doubt.


These 10 styles stand the test of time and are never out of trend. However, 2021 seems to be the best year to renovate and invest in quality flooring. 

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