Floor Leveling Company Corpus Christi

Expert Concrete Leveling for Your Home Remodel Projects in Corpus Christi

Concrete floors are rapidly growing in popularity for their modern look and ability to keep a property cool inside. But even if your home isn’t a concrete build, concrete is also the most common material for garage foundations and porch slabs. The caveat with concrete is that it does have a tendency to sink and become uneven, which can lead to crack and water damage, among other home issues. Whether your concrete floor has sunk an inch or a foot, Torres Tile can level your floor and save you the hassle of a costly replacement.

Unfortunately, concrete leveling isn’t exactly a DIY project. But your local Corpus Christi remodel team can help! Torres Tile can raise both interior concrete floors and exterior slabs. We simply pull back the carpeting, lift up the tile or hardwood, and pump the floor level. The final result will be newly leveled concrete that looks just attractive (dare we say more attractive?) than the original installation. 

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