Custom Shower Pan Installers

Expert Shower Pan Options for Your Bathroom Remodel Projects in Corpus Christi

Need to repair, update, or install a shower pan? Torres Tile will custom-pour a shower pan to meet your exact needs. As experts in shower pan pouring and installation, we have the skill and experience to ensure that your shower pan pour is flawlessly executed so that you don’t have to worry about future leaks or cracks. 

We design the shower pan around the curve of the glass of your shower enclosure to ensure a perfect fit with your shower base. Plus, we offer an array of shower pan materials from tile to cultured stone to reinforced plastic (pro tip: stone and plastic are much easier to keep clean than tile, which has lots of tiny grout joints). 

When we design your custom shower pan, we pay close attention to drain location. Why? Because shower drains get clogged, and location matters. If your drain is directly in the middle of where you stand, you’re not only standing on an uncomfortable metal grate, but if it clogs, you’re suddenly standing in a puddle of water. Torres Tile can easily design around this issue for you! 

We also offer Shower Pan Installation, Shower Base Installation, Shower Enclosure Installation for all shower types and sizes.

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