03 Jul
Top 6 Reasons Why Vinyl Flooring Is The Best Fit For Bathroom Renovation

Are you planning a bathroom remodeling? Well, a plethora of choices might be confusing you. This or that! Advantages and disadvantages! Meticulous planning is required while choosing materials for home or bathroom renovation. You might not be changing them frequently. So choosing durable and quality enhanced flooring is necessary to provide high-end finishing. 

A home renovation company will help you find the best flooring for the bathroom. Vinyl flooring is highly in trend now. Insights from expert tile installers claim that vinyl flooring and tiles are durable, cost-effective, easily installable, and safe for bathroom remodeling. 

Understanding your preferences and making a list of priorities is necessary to choose the right flooring option. If you have children and old members in your home, you need bathroom flooring options that better suit them. Building a warm and resilient bathroom space is the primary requirement.   

Luxury vinyl tiles and vinyl rolls are the two significant vinyl flooring varieties suitable for bathroom floors. Here are some stellar reasons why vinyl flooring is a popular choice for bathroom remodeling over other flooring varieties. 

  • 1. Water Proof Property 

If you have moisture issues in the bathroom subfloor, it is better to use vinyl flooring rather than laminated tiles. Vinyl flooring, especially Luxury vinyl tiles (LVT), manufactured from PVC, is water-resistant. Water spills on vinyl plank will not cause damage to the floors. It is ideal to use flooring with damage control properties in areas like the bathroom where moisture level retains. There is little space in vinyl rolls and tiles for water to seep through, unlike other options like lamination.       

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, people need attractive and durable options. Now, it’s all possible with vinyl flooring. They eliminate water damage risk and help you keep your bathroom space classy and elegant. 

  • 2. Affordable than other Floor Varieties

Compared to flooring materials like hardwood and porcelain, vinyl planks are highly feasible. The price of the vinyl flooring depends on the thickness of the material you choose. It can go from $1 for sqft to $5, depending on the features it offers; water resistance, warmth, and resilience. If you are choosing vinyl flooring, there are a multitude of options in vinyl for various uses. From home remodeling to bathroom remodeling, you need to select the best one by inspecting the material features of vinyl floors. 

Investing in vinyl flooring is always a cost-effective hack. Its durability feature allows you to make a safe and secure investment in the long run.

  • 3. Easy Installation and durability

When it comes to vinyl plank or sheet installation, you can do it on your own. It’s easy to cut, and self-adhesive properties make it easy to install. Unlike traditional tile installation, vinyl planks require minimal equipment that amateur installers can easily handle.

Various installation methods are available to fix vinyl planks. There are click and lock planks, peel and stick planks, and glue down planks that provide accessible installation features. But, if you are looking for fast and heavy-duty Installation, it is always better to seek the assistance of expert Vinyl flooring installers.       

  • 4. Easy on the Joints

You might have heard the elderly complaining about foot and joint issues after keeping barefoot on tiles for a long time. Well! Vinyl sheets are a foot-friendly flooring option. Compared to porcelain and other floorings, vinyl maintains warmth and comfort in all seasons. 

Slip-resistance vinyl floors help adults to comfort aching foot and joint issues. When it comes to bathroom flooring, persistent moisture on the floor will likely make you slip and cause injury. But the padding in the vinyl plank helps you to tackle this issue.

  • 5. Low Maintenance Cost & Easy Cleaning

You don’t need to spend a large amount of money on floor cleaning products. Vinyl floors are highly preferred in public comfort stations and hospitals since they can be easily moped and cleaned, unlike ceramic tiles. Since it is water-resistant and has a thick layer, it can tolerate footfalls. Moreover, the closed edges of vinyl plank prevent microbial propagation on bathroom floors. 

  • 6. Available in Variety of Designs

Along with comfort and easy Installation, you can easily replicate the design of your choice. Vinyl flooring comes in a variety of colors, designs, and shapes. You can customize it for your specific needs to help create matching designs for bathroom decor. The Luxury vinyl tiles are the ideal option for the bathroom remodeling. It has a top wear layer that protects the bathroom from dents and microbes. The vinyl layer keeps the floor always shining. The core layer provides stability, and the bottom layer helps in absorption and cater cushiony grip to stop sudden slip. 

How to Choose the Best Vinyl flooring?

It is imperative to choose suitable vinyl bathroom floors that helps your kids and elderly to walk easily without fearing slip & injury Provides easy maintenance and durability Well, to ensure this, you need to focus on three major things:

  • 1. The Thickness of the Vinyl

The thickness should be selected considering the room traffic. When it comes to the bathroom, choosing a thicker vinyl plank is better to increase durability and decrease recurring maintenance costs. 

  • 2. Installation Method

Do you want a permanent solution or temporary vinyl installation? Or do you want to do it yourself? Is there a bump on your floor? Alright, these all factors matter during Installation. Consult a home renovation company to figure out the best one fit for your bathroom. 

  • 3. The Wear Layer

Compare the wear layer for better protection and durability. Unlike wax layers that need constant upkeep, vinyl floors coated with urethane showcase high resilience to moisture, abrasion, and chemical stain.

Remodel Your Bathroom at an Affordable Cost

The assistance and guidance of a floor leveling company can help you avoid any malfunctions in Installation. Torres Tile, home remodeling Corpus Christi, provides excellent vinyl floor installation services to bring optimum precision and elegance.
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