29 May
Top 5 Classy Flooring Ideas For Your Rental Property

Are you thinking about remodeling your rental home flooring? Good news is, you don’t need to have the design skills to come up with the best flooring. The team behind the best home renovation company and tile installers will help you remodify your home floors incorporating the newest trends and materials in the market.  

Before choosing a home renovation company, you must flip through some innovative designs for style inspo. Changing the flooring exudes a refreshing feel. There are a plethora of flooring choices available in the market. Choosing the right design that suits your infrastructure, wall paint, interior, and furniture is necessary to make the look cohesive. 

Here are some crucial factors you must consider before choosing the flooring:

Pick a material that can accommodate any climatic condition:

  • Go for pet-friendly flooring that is scratch-resistant
  • Choose something that is easy to clean
  • Ensure that the surface is not too smooth and slippery
  • Check the fire-resistant capacity of the material
  • Choose low-maintenance but durable tiles 
  • Select materials that have good thermal and sound insulation

Top 5 Floor Designs in Trend

Choosing the best flooring can be a tricky task. But, if you pay attention to minute details, you can score high-quality, low-maintenance, and affordable materials.

Now, let’s leap through some of the great choices you can have for your flooring.

  • 1. Hardwood: Inspiration from the magnificence of nature 

Well! It is not hard to find the perfect hardwood for your floor. Warm and tropical tones will make your rental property look more inviting. Who doesn’t want to live inside a nature themed home? 

Hardwood perfectly goes with every season as it comes in umpteen natural shades and different styles such as a plank, parquet, and prefinished boards. These materials are easy to install. Easy to install, waterproof, scratch, and dent resistance make hardwood a better choice to glam up your space.
Efficient installation methods are necessary to provide the perfect finishing to your floors. Experienced tile installers will help you install the hardwood flooring as per trending designs and style to magnify the aura.

  • 2. Vinyl: Embrace Luxury at an Affordable Rate

Vinyl is a popular and affordable material that manifests a luxurious look. It has a wide variety of sizes, shapes, patterns, and colors. Vinyl vibrates richness along with its durable and resilient performance. This flooring material is easy to maintain and quick to install. If you find a scratch on any corner, you can remove it without remodeling the whole floor. 
It is always wise to hire skilled vinyl flooring installers to fix vinyl sheets or planks in your homes. Also, choose a thick vinyl in areas where you find heavy foot traffic.

  • 3. Tile: All-time choice for homes and commercial places 

Are you looking for cost-effective flooring design and material? Tile installation works well in the nooks and crannies of your house. Tiles are great for walls and floor in your kitchen, storeroom, bathroom, or balcony. Also, the cost-effectiveness of tiles makes it a good choice if you need to remodel the entire home flooring. 

It is much easier to clean and wash tiles compared with other flooring materials. You can maintain its look by applying sealer every three or four years. This will prevent you from changing the floors frequently. Tiles are more compatible in the humid region as it gives a cooling effect.  

  • 4. Lamination: Get Classy Look at Cheaper Rate

The real wood costs higher! But don’t worry, lamination helps you get a wood-finished look. Though laminate flooring is very cheap, classy, and affordable, you might need to consider things before installing them on the floor. If the primary surface is uneven or there are humps or dips, lamination won’t look good. Moreover, lamination is prone to water damage and scratches. It is ideal to choose lamination for less used corners of your house.

  • 5. Linoleum: Vibrance from Nature 

If you are looking for a biodegradable and eco-friendly material, go for linoleum flooring. Linoleum doesn’t produce volatile organic compounds (VOC). Its anti-bacterial property also makes Linoleum a better choice for home floors where toddlers crawl around. It is also available in vibrant colors to make your space look fun.

With Linoleum, you don’t need to spend a lot of time on cleaning. You can maintain its gloss through regular mopping and cleaning. Its water-resistant nature makes Linoleum a perfect flooring for the kitchen, laundry room, and washroom. Moreover, this material is resilient to damage. Any wear or tear can be easily resealed without damaging the natural color and vibrance. 

The flooring selections have grown abundantly. You can choose a flooring based on geography, theme, price, eco-friendliness, and durability. Apart from these five popular flooring solutions, there are other choices available in the market like bamboo, concrete, rubber, cork , and many more. To know more about flooring solutions and fixing, it is always better to get assistance from a professional home renovation company. 

Torres Tile: The One-Stop Flooring Solution

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